Professional human

“Do you believe in second chances?”

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Support DNFAre a Dream StanAre Anti-vaccinationAre Homophobic, Transphobic etc…Are Racist/use racial slursAre ageist, sexist, discriminatoryIf you support one or all of the above

Hey I’m Hex!

Hey I’m Hex!
I do art sometimes
I am non-binary and use They/them pronouns

I dislike:
The spooky scary skeleton song (don’t ask)prejudices about mutualsErp’sPeople faking mental illnessesPeople who are Autosexual (I’m supportive of LGBTQ+, it’s just that I’ve had bad experiences with people who are autosexual and/or autoromantic)

I like:
Laser tagMartial artsDrawingMinecraft, Among us, FNAF, DDLC, phasmophobia (all video games)Comics